A proofer's perspective...

Having proofread a good amount of work on the Sandys family, I think that it is well worthwhile in many ways. Perhaps the most fascinating is the diaries of the two girls setting out the domestic life of an aristocratic family in the early nineteenth century, moving between their town and country residences, with dinner parties or other entertainment most evenings. They would have found “self-isolating” difficult! 

Also, the reaction in England to international events such as the Peninsular War is very interesting, and getting “employment” for junior members of the family mainly through influence. 

A job which has been very well done and must be very satisfying – even more so if and when completed. 



The Archivist comments: Illustrated above are a few of the 26 journal volumes written jointly by the Ladies Charlotte and Mary Hill, daughters of Mary Marchioness of Downshire and Baroness Sandys, and sisters of the 2nd and 3rd Baron Sandys of the 2nd creation. The task of correcting and editing the transcribed texts of these volumes (and also the drafts of the fragments series) is lengthy – enough to leave the Archivist seeing double at times. It is a relief therefore to have found assistance elsewhere when it comes to proofreading, and I am doubly grateful to receive CPR’s comment to add to the blog.